Videos for absent students  

If you are absent or do not understand the homework, I will be posting videos of me teaching the class you missed. You will need to log in to your google classroom account. They are in order with the most recent being first.


Make sure to look under each teacher's supply link to get a list of supplies needed for each class. For the free 100 in math, you need to only bring 1 item on the list. You cannot bring 5 items and get five 100's. One free 100 is the maximum earned for extra supplies. 

Remind links  

Parents if you were unable to get connected with the math remind site, here is the link:

7th grade:

8th grade:


Joining this remind list will enable you to choose to get e-mail or text reminders of important events going on in math class such as tests or quizzes. Please note that history class has a diferent code, so if you don't sign up for math separately, you will not get math announcements.