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Mrs.  Wendy  J  Keeton
High School Principal
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Principal's Corner

24th Week of School

Principals Corner for 24th Week of School

Weekly happenings for the week of 2-20—2-24

National FFA Week


Monday 2-20-17

Junior High Benchmarks

February 20 – 7th Writing           8th Math

Parent meeting in the school cafeteria for those that might be interested in volleyball from 4th-7th grade. The meeting begins at 7:00pm in the school cafeteria

Tuesday 2-21-17

Boys Pep Rally during Rebel Time

Varsity Softball at Bland at 4:00

Fan bus to ballgame the cost is $5.00

The playoff game will be at Denton Ryan at 6:00pm.

Wednesday 2-22-17

2nd day of benchmarking for junior high 8th grade reading

High School Awards Assembly in gym during Rebel Time

Thursday 2-23-17

Sam Rayburn wood bat tournament begins today. Coach Mauppin will be sending details.

Elementary Awards Assembly

Kara Mathis will be at a Tennis Tournament for the boys tennis tournament.

9th period we will have a junior high awards assembly in the cafeteria

Friday  2-23-17

Wood bat tournament still going on

High School Beta will be leaving at 8:30.

 Lunch Menu for the Week 


Breakfast Menu for the week



Parents please make sure you can login to Parent Portal to view your child's grades and attendance. Please continue to check our teacher’s websites and parent portals so there will be no surprises. They are in high school/junior high. Failing grades have other consequences besides just failures. If you fail at the six week period, your child is not eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, such as athletics, FFA, etc. To overcome that battle with your child please make sure you are looking at the website for Principal's Corner, logging into Parent Portal, checking your child's teachers website that lets you know what they are doing in class that week, and bringing up the calendar weekly to see what is happening in their school. I am also sending out what is typed here in Principal's Corner as a newsletter to all parents that put their email down on their registration form. You will receive a newsletter weekly. Please also check our Facebook page for information. I am open for any other suggestions to keep you aware of what is happening at Sam Rayburn High School. If you would like to set up a meeting with a teacher please contact us with any and all concerns. If your child is struggling, be sure you have communicated with their teacher. 

If you need information about Parent Portal of School Messenger, please call Misty Stewart and she can print out another letter if you need one. To help keep up with what is going on in your child's classes be sure and login to the website. You can go to the district site Click on schools and pick Sam Rayburn High School. On the left hand side you will see Classroom Assignments. After you click that you will see a drop down menu with the teacher’s names. Each Monday you can look to see what is going on in their class and ask your child or remind them of tests and assignments that might be due.

I hope you enjoy the principal’s corner each week. I will try to keep you abreast of what is going on at the school. I appreciate you entrusting us to take care of your child daily. Please know that if something concerns you that I want to hear about it. My email is or you may call me at 903.664.2165 x 217.   I am looking forward to a great year with the students.